Tanker Surveys

Tanker - if one canister is not enough

Everyone knows them, the "giant pots" that glide so majestically and silently across the ocean. One often wonders what exactly is being transported from one point in the world to the next. Cars, building parts, oil? The list is long. Speaking of & quot; oil & quot ;: the transport of larger quantities of liquids whether on land or water requires a thorough quality control before and after loading. German Survey Marine is always at your disposal as a competent partner in matters of quality and safety checks when transporting liquids in tanks.

Procedure for contamination of a liquid

The damage of a cargo can have many faces. Dents, scratches, cracks ... In the case of liquids one speaks of an impurity. If there has been a contamination due to improper transport or a defective hatch (Offspec), an exact damage report must be made. This includes both the exact amount of damage and the extent of the damage.
To determine the amount of contaminated liquid, the tank is completely emptied, the amount pumped out documented by us and the emptiness of the tanks witnessed. So no one can misrepresent the actual quantities transported.
In the end, the customer will receive from us all relevant documents and certificates for presentation to the insurance company or, in case of dispute, to court.