Securing Surveys for Container Cargo / Roll Trailer

Trust is good, control is better.

When transporting large and heavy containers, it is almost necessary for survival on a ship to carry out an accurate assessment of the safety measures on board, so that there is nothing to prevent a damage-free transport. Are the containers properly secured? Have you correctly calculated the focal points of the load? Unfortunately, the port personnel do not always pay close attention to these technical conditions.
However, if a mistake happens and your containers slip, shifting the center of gravity in heavy waves on the high seas can cause even a large freighter to capsize. If it was the slipping of a container, the owner of this container is liable for the total damage. The solution to this problem is us!

Professional Check by German Survey Marine

To help our customers solve this problem, we conduct a complete securitization survey. On the basis of a special checklist, we check before the trip, whether everything is really in order and secured in terms of load securing. At the end of this measure, you will receive from us all documents and certificates that can be presented to the opposing insurance in case of damage.