P & I Surveys

Claim for insurance

"P & I Surveys "(Protection and Indemnity) is the inspection of damage to ships for insurance matters.


  • another ship
  • Pier plants
  • Loading units (eg cranes)
  • by charge (contact by slippage or during loading, leakage of liquid cargo from leaking containers, etc.)


It's broken! Who is responsible?

This usually causes high financial damage, which must be borne by the insurance of the causer. It is the task of our nautical-technical appraisers to determine in advance who is the cause of the damage, what exactly happened and why (damage, cause of damage). As a rule, our appraisers meet with so-called counter-inspectors who represent different parties such as: shipowner, charterer, the terminal, the forwarder or the insurance company.
Here, too, a final report is prepared.
In case of non-agreement The parties usually go to court. In this case, in addition, a court opinion is prepared, which is represented by us in court.