Draft Surveys

Bulk goods shipment

If a container is to be shipped, the matter is usually relatively clear: the goods to be transported are loaded into the container, secured, and ultimately the entire container is loaded. But what about so-called bulk goods? Seeds must be transported in tanks whose cleanliness (hatch, tank) must be guaranteed before loading. German Survey Marine takes over these inspections for you and documents all relevant points.

Before loading

First, a hatch take is done. Here, the condition and cleanliness of the hatches are checked and documented, so that in the event of contamination, an insurance-relevant blame can take place. In addition, we determine the condition of the ship before loading. Here are empty holds, the draft of the ship and the measurement of fuel and ballast tanks on our checklist.

After loading

The same procedure is repeated even after loading the bulk cargo so that a precise net and gross amount of cargo can be documented and certified.