Cargo Damages

Sometimes it just happens

Despite careful load securing there has been a damage to your cargo? Of course, in addition to the determination of the polluter, the condition of the cargo is to be evaluated accurately. What is broken or contaminated? What is the residual value? As independent experts, we are happy to assist our clients in such situations.

Cargo Damages

  • Unpacked project cargo
  • Packed project cargo
  • containers
  • Bulk goods such. B. grain
  • fruits
  • Tanker charges (liquid charges)

German Survey Marine supports you

These damages are usually high financial costs, which must be borne by the insurance of the causer. Again, it is about finding out the damage, the cause of the damage and the condition and the residual value of the cargo. As a rule, our experts meet with so-called counter-inspectors at the place of damage who represent different parties such as shipowners, charterers, the terminal, the owners of the cargo or the insurers.
As always, our customers receive from us after the thorough inspection and documentation of the damage a final report that can be used for presentation to an insurance company or even in court.