Break Bulk

The main problem: Damage to the cargo

What happens if a container is lost or the goods to be transported arrive too late at the destination? How do you clarify on the ground, who is responsible for what safety measures and the type of stowage on board a ship or truck, that is this location 3500 km away? To save money, time and nerves, you need a true professional at your side to take care of these complex tasks. German Survey Marine does that for you.


  • Look at the machine parts to be loaded in the factory to find out if they are suitable for transport (foundation, weight distribution, lashing points for securing to truck and ship).
  • Gather data such as weight, center of gravity, dimensions and lifting capabilities of the parts to be loaded.


  • Calculation of the load and securing (how to secure the parts so that they can not slip during transport)
  • Is the truck or ship able to absorb the weight of the parts?
  • Which lifting tools are used to load the parts (crane, forklift)?
  • Creating drawings (stowage and securing sketch) with special software (Auto-CAD), how and where the parts are later on board and secured


  • Attendance of our inspectors during loading of the parts in the factory on a truck and check if damage has arisen (Condition Survey)
  • Delivery to the seaport, unloading from the truck and rechecking whether damage has occurred (condition survey)
  • Storage of cargo on the terminal (port) prior to loading on the seagoing vessel (pre-load survey)
  • Loading onto the ship (Loading, Condition and Securing Survey)
  • Instruction, acceptance and certification of the lashings [securing of the cargo on board, carried out by terminal staff (lashing gear)]
  • Unloading at the port of destination (unloading, condition survey)
  • Recording of damage at all points, immediate notification of this damage to the polluter as well as to the customer (damage management within 24 h, legal position)

Final report

  • Write a final report
  • Delivery of all documents and certificates to the customer for archiving or further use